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East Kildonan History: A to C
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at
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C.G.I.T. Camp On Greene Avenue July 1924

C.P.R. Purchases 1280 Acres For New Bergen Cut-off March 1912
Canada Shoe Store 869 Henderson Highway August 1959
Cave-in Disrupts Traffic on Henderson Highway August 1949
Centennial Ball 1967
Centennial History Of East Kildonan To Be Written February 1966
Centennial Park 1968
Chamber Of Commerce To Be Formed In East Kildonan February 1958
Changes In School Boundaries 1946–1964
Charlie And Simmie Moglove Retire From Oakview Grocery July 1977
Chelsea Storm Sewer Opens Up Area For Development April 1967
Chris Einfeld New East Kildonan Police Chief November 1951
Christmas Cheer Committee Formed In East Kildonan November 1936
City Born on Dominion Day July 1 1957
City of East Kildonan Last Council Meeting December 1971
City of Winnipeg By-Laws Relating to Elmwood, East Kildonan and North Kildonan 1972-1996
Cliftonville Ad May 1913
Coldest Day in Winnipeg in the 20th Century February 18 1966
Concordia Hospital (11 articles)
Concordia House Opens At 1011 Concordia June 1972
Concordia Place Personal Care Home Opens June 2000
Construction Companies Building Homes In East Kildonan May 1955
Contract Awarded To Build Two New Schools April 1953
Coronation Day In East Kildonan May 1937
Coronation Day To Be Marked At Bronx Park May 1937
Council Asks Winnipeg To Annex Southern Part Of East Kildonan March 1924
Councillor Acquitted Of Theft October 1954
Councillor Resigns After Being Charged With Theft September 1954
Cox's Bakery Opens At 863 Henderson Highway September 1938
CPR Marconi Line History
Curtis Hotel (3 articles)

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