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East Kildonan History: M to O
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at
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Man Charged With The Death Of His Mother May 1963
Man Dies In Sewer Construction Cave-in At Kimberly And Watt September 1954
Man Fatally Hurt At Ukrainian Hall September 1938
Mayor J.L. Bodie November 1951
McDonald's Restaurant To Open In Northdale Shopping Centre December 2001
McLeod Avenue Senior Citizens Apartment Blocks Sod Turning March 1978
McLeod School (3 articles)
Melrose Community Club (9 articles)
Melrose Hardware Opens At Kimberly and Watt March 1957
Melrose Junior High (9 articles)
Members of East Kildonan Council and Key Office
Merger Talks Discussed By East Kildonan City Council August 1968
Miles MacDonell Collegiate (7 articles)
Miniature Golf Course August 1930
Money By-law for Paving Henderson Highway 1930
Montrose Avenue Residents Opposed To Change Of Street Name April 1963
Morse Place (12 articles)
Mount Kildonan (Garbage Hill) November 1970
Mrs Neil Campbell Dies - March 1930
Municipal Engineer Wanted For East Kildonan March 1914
Municipality of Kildonan (4 articles)
Munroe House History 126 Roberta Avenue
Munroe School (7 articles)
Munroe Library Opens December 1964
Munroe Park Ad February 1913
Munroe Shopping Centre Opens May 1960
Museum Suggested for Area - November 2009

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Neals Store Opens At Henderson And Linden August 1931
Neil Campbell School (12 articles)
New 16 Inch Watermain For East Kildonan May 1961
New Baseball Diamond For Roch And Kimberly April 1953
New Collegiate Planned For East Kildonan March 1951
New Masonic Hall Under Construction July 1952
New Names For Three East Kildonan Streets April 1963
New Safeway Store March 1964
New Service Station Opens At Kimberly and Watt September 1956
New St Alphonsus School and Church (3 articles)
North Kildonan Council Say Residents Against Merger With East Kildonan April 1953
North Kildonan Officials Mum On Union Bill With East Kildonan April 1953
North Kildonan Ward Seeks Annexation To East Kildonan June 1952
North Star Service Station Opens At Henderson And Roberta October 1953
North-East Kildonan Athletic Association (2 articles)
Northdale Shopping Centre Opens September 1965
Northeast Winnipeg To Get New Historical Society June 2010
Nursery Schools Established At Prince Edward And Lord Wolseley Schools September 1978
Nutrition Centres Open April 1942

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