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East Kildonan History: S to U
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at 
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S.R. Henderson (2 articles)
Safeway (3 articles)
Salisbury School - Morse Place (12 articles)
Salvage Drive (2 articles)
Salvation Army To Build New Church On Henderson Highway November 1967
Samuel Henderson History April 1966
Santa Making Mercy Flight 1950 (2 articles)
Schools (8 articles)
Search For Water Loss November 1966
Self-Help Centre Employment Bureau Opens July 1936
Seven Break-ins In Four Days In East Kildonan November 1961
Sherwood Park Lutheran Church Sod Turning May 1961
Sherwood Park New Homes Ad 1956
Sherwood School (5 articles)
Shop Easy Supermarket Opens At Kimberly and Watt November 1956
Shopping Centre Area Planned For Watt Street August 1955
Ski Hill Planned For Kimberly Avenue Garbage Dump December 1968
Sniper Fires On Paddle Wheel Queen From Kildonan Drive June 1967
Soccer Club Formed In East Kildonan February 1934
Springfield Heights Mennonite Church To Be Built At McLeod And Raleigh May 1963
St Alphonsus Church (3 articles)
St Alphonsus Credit Union (2 articles)
St Alphonsus Parish To Be Formed By Redemptorists May 1914
St Alphonsus School (5 articles)
St Saviour's Anglican Church (6 articles)
Staggered Hours At Three Schools August 1954
Stone Wall To Be Built Along Kildonan Drive To Halt River Erosion February 1958
Strap To Stay In East Kildonan Schools January 1967
Streetcar History in North East Winnipeg
Streetcar Service To East Kildonan On Sundays April 1914

Student Population of East Kildonan Schools
Student Strike At Old Polson School March 1937
Students To Plant Trees In East Kildonan May 1967
Students To See King And Queen At Kildonan Park May 1939
Students Transfered Back To Prince Edward School From Polson School After Strike September 1934

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