This page is dedicated to personal and researched historical stories of the area.

'A piece of Our Past is up for Sale' - The Herald March 31, 2021 - Shirley Kowalchuk


'Early Elmwood History Part 2' - The Herald March 27, 2021


'The early settlement of Elmwood'  - The Herald March 8, 2021


'Interested in the History of Our Area?' - The Herald February 5, 2021  

'The Oldest Hotel in Northeast Winnipeg' - The Herald December 30, 2020

'E.K. Was Once Home to an Oil Refinery'' - The Herald December 4, 2020


"Historical Society Wants Your Old Photos' - The Herald November 6, 2020 

'The Origins of High School in East Kildonan' - The Herald October 9, 2020

The wonderful new documentary on 'ghost signs' in the Winnipeg Exchange & surrounding area called "Writing on the Wall" 

Historical Society Brings Past to Life:  In this part of Winnipeg, we have a history worth learning and, fortunately, we also have the North East Historical Society.

Ghost Creeks:  Winnipeg buried many waterways that could have changed city's shape.  Research by Darren Bernhardt online editor/reporter for CBC, who interviewed our President/Historian Archivist Jim Smith that also provided a history of our own 'ghost creeks' from our area.

The following 2 links are stories written by Shirley Kowalchuk.  Her interest of millstones was 'tweaked' after interviewing Jim Smith on the missing 'Millstone' & that mystery from our area.

Part 1 -  A trip to Grant's Old Mill built by Cuthbert Grant at Sturgeon Creek, Winnipeg

Part 2 - 1926 Matheson Mill's mystery of the missing millstones in North Kildonan, Winnipeg

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