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East Kildonan History: D to F

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E.H. Price To Construct Factory September 1961
Early Closing Hours By-law July 1936
Early Kildonan History March 1913
East End Community Club Club 1948–49
East Kildonan 1000 Acre Housing Project December 1954
East Kildonan and North Kildonan Parish Lots in 1925
East Kildonan And North Kildonan Separate November 1924
East Kildonan Baptist Church (3 articles) 1958–86
East Kildonan Becomes a City
East Kildonan Bisons (2 articles) 1937–1939
East Kildonan Board Of Trade December 1937
East Kildonan Building Permits Issued for 1960
East Kildonan Bus Schedule Downtown To East Kildonan December 1954
East Kildonan Bus Schedule East Kildonan To Downtown December 1954
East Kildonan Businesses and Advertisers in Yearbooks
East Kildonan Businesses 1920–2000
East Kildonan Celebrates Diamond Jubilee Of Manitoba July 1930
East Kildonan Celebrations At Fraser's Grove June 1967
East Kildonan Cenotaph Unveiled October 1953
East Kildonan Centennial Ball April 1970
East Kildonan Centennial Ball At Marlborough January 1967
East Kildonan Centennial Ball Program May 1970
East Kildonan Centennial Committee To Coordinate Events February 1966
East Kildonan Centennial Contest Winners June 1967
East Kildonan Centennial History Book To Be Delayed December 1967
East Kildonan Charter Day Baby
East Kildonan Charter Day Events July 1 1957
East Kildonan Charter Day Track Meet July 1 1957
East Kildonan Christmas Cheer Fund December 1937

East Kildonan City Charter 1957
East Kildonan City Charter Feature June 29, 1937
East Kildonan City Charter Revised 1967
East Kildonan Collegiate Staff Salaries
East Kildonan Community Club (Bronx Park) Calls Meeting On Purchase Of Old Masonic Hall July 1952
East Kildonan Community Committee Minutes 1971–1977
East Kildonan Correspondences 1950–1971
East Kildonan Council History 1914–1971
East Kildonan Council Opposed To Division Of Municipality March 1921
East Kildonan Council Plans 60 Low Rental Houses For Veterans March 1948
East Kildonan Cricket Club Annual Meeting April 1931
East Kildonan Cricket Club Holds Season Windup November 1928
East Kildonan Cultural And Leisure Centre Dedicated June 1984
East Kildonan Dates 1913 to the 1980s
East Kildonan Development Map 1954
East Kildonan Development Project 1954

East Kildonan Emergency Welfare Association 1931–32 (5 articles)
East Kildonan Fire Department History 1963
East Kildonan Garbage Schedule May 1956
East Kildonan Golf Club Formed March 1922
East Kildonan Hockey Club Reorganized November 1933
East Kildonan Improvement Club August 1908
East Kildonan Industrial Area November 1961
East Kildonan Junior Chamber of Commerce Receives Charter November 1961
East Kildonan Kiwanis Club Highlights
East Kildonan Lawn Bowling 1930
East Kildonan Map 1930
East Kildonan Map 1961
East Kildonan Municipal By-Laws 1914–1971

East Kildonan Municipal Hall Cornerstone Laid May 1951
East Kildonan Newspaper Clippings 1912-1947

East Kildonan Now A City Winnipeg Free Press July 2 1957
East Kildonan Parks Board Plans Major Changes To Parks And Playgrounds April 1967
East Kildonan Police (3 articles)
East Kildonan Resident To Sue Winnipeg Over Sewage October 1934
East Kildonan Residents To Vote On A $166,000.00 Money By-law To Build Two New Schools March 1953
East Kildonan School (13 articles)
East Kildonan Seeks Additional Watermain Connection With Winnipeg July 1952
East Kildonan Sewer and Plumbing Installation Loans 1920–1921
East Kildonan Speed Skaters Club Formed December 1937
East Kildonan Staff, Salaries and Park Expenditures 1971
East Kildonan Sues North Kildonan March 1925
East Kildonan Supply At Winterton And Watt December 1933

East Kildonan Tax Statement 1914
East Kildonan Teacher's Salaries December 1949
East Kildonan Teaching Staff September 1920
East Kildonan To Be Free Of Municipal And Public Utiility Board November 1952
East Kildonan To Celebrate Diamond Jubilee Of Manitoba July 1930
East Kildonan To Demand City Status February 1957
East Kildonan to get Two German Machine Guns as War Trophies October 1920
East Kildonan To Purchase Police-Fire Site On Kimberly December 1967
East Kildonan To Sue Winnipeg Over Dumping Of Raw Sewage August 1933
East Kildonan Transcona Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation 1978-1997 Minutes
East Kildonan Unemployed Association Now Four Years Old February 1935
East Kildonan Unemployed Meet April 1915
East Kildonan Your Night At The Concert Hall September 1970
East Kildonan's Big Party June 1967
East Kildonan's Oldest Home Built in 1856 To Be Torn Down October 1959
East Kildonan-North Kildonan Amalgamate Dog Pound April 1968
East Kildonan-Transcona Community Committee Minutes 1977–1995
Eldorado Drive In Theatre 1950 (3 articles)
Elmwood And East Kildonan Choral Society Formed February 1932
Elmwood-Kildonans Pool 1977–78
Employees of the East Kildonan and North Kildonan as of December 31, 1971

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Family Forced To Live In Chicken House June 1936

Fearn And Colvin Avenue Development Approved November 1952

Fibreboard Manufacturing Begins Operations March 1952
Fire And Police To Become One Department April 1955
Fire And Police To Become Separate Departments January 1963
Fire At Wilson Auto Electric Causes $500,000.00 In Damages November 1961
Fire Department Moves To New Quarters January 1955
Fire Destroys 248 Leighton Avenue July 1934
Fire Destroys 420 Linden Avenue March 1932
Fire Destroys Two Houses On Consol Avenue Due To Lack Of Water April 1934
Fire Leaves 11 Homeless And Causes $68,000.00 In Damages January 1962
Fire Truck Gets Stuck In The Mud At Watt And Sydney May 1955
First East Kildonan Council Elected By Acclamation March 1914
First Traffic Lights In East Kildonan At Kimberly And Henderson August 1955
Five Charged In Champs Drive-In Disturbance August 1966
Formal Opening Of Paved Henderson Highway September 1931
Former East Kildonan Mayor Frank Dryden Dies December 1963
Former East Kildonan Reeve Walter Peter Larsen Dies January 1962
Former Police Chief Chris Einfeld 1977 (2 articles)
Former Reeve David J. Allan Appointed Assistant Deputy Minister  May 1934

Former Show Homes in East Kildonan
Four New Schools To Be Built In East Kildonan June 1914
Four Outdoor Water Taps To Be Removed December 1953
Four Teenagers Terrorize Children June 1967
Fraser's Grove Area Offered As Site For University Of Manitoba January 1910
Fraser's Grove Area Offered As Site Of University Of Manitoba February 1910
Free Press Editorial On East Kildonan Becoming A City June 29 1957

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