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1920's Stadacona Street in Elmwood with the Louise Bridge in the background 

1920's Fraser's Grove

Fraser's Grove 1920.jpg

Elmwood Pats Lacrosse Team 1934.

Elmwood Pats Lacrosse Team 1934.jpg

Elmwood Boxing Club 1949.

Elmwood Boxing Club February 21,
First Kelvin C. C. Box Car Clubhouse loc

First Kelvin Community club boxcar clubhouse, located at the East End of the property 1948.

Kelvin C.C.Clubhouse 1949.jpg

Kelvin Community Centre Clubhouse in 1949.

1959-1960 Midget Girls Kelvin Community Club

1959-1960 Kelvin C. C. Midget Girls.jpg
Figure Skating Class at Kelvin C.C. Janu

Figure skating at Kelvin Community Club 1952.

Fogging at the Elmwood Dump June

Fogging at the Elmwood Dump 1955.

Montcalm Pumping Station 1962.

Montcalm Pumping Station 1962.jpg

Linden Avenue Pumping Station 1962.

Linden Avenue Pumping Station 1962.jpg

Hart Avenue Pumping Station 1962.

Hart Avenue Pumping Station 1962.jpg

Midwinter Avenue near the Disraeli Bridge during the 1966 Flood.

Midwinter Avenue near Disreali Bridge du

Men from Elmwood and East Kildonan who were part of the 222 Regiment in World War One before they were sent overseas, 1916.

Elmwood 222 Regement Elmwood Section 1916 (1).jpg
Watt Street North Walking Tour - May 2016

Hazel Dell Walking Tour- May 2016

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