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Other Local History: A to C
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at
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All Star Fox Ranch In North Kildonan Has Major Fire December 1927
Amphitheatre Rink Capacity October 1947
Andrew McDermott Pioneer Dies December 1908
Anna Gibson School Turned Into Youth Centre  January 1938
Appeal For Patriotic Fund September 1914
Automobile Licenses In Manitoba 1908-1917 January 1918
Average Salaries In Various Occupations November 1949
Average Yearly Wages In Canada By Province For 1906 April 1907

Bank Machines Arrive in Winnipeg  November 1976
Barber Prices September 1975
Beer Prices June 1928
Beer Prices June 1936
Bell Telephone System (4 articles)
Bergen Cut-off Bridge Over Red River June 1913
Bilingualism Officially Over In Manitoba August 1916
Black Blizzard Hits Winnipeg May 1939
Black Rain Hits Winnipeg April 1938
Bonanza Restaurant Special Deal November 1975
Bread Prices At Safeway August 1930
Bridge Proposed For Foot Of Kelvin (Henderson Highway) June 1911

Brigadier General Henry Norlande Ruttan
Building Trades Wage Schedule April 1926
Bunn's Creek Improvements August 1985

Cable Television 1968 (2 articles)
Car and Truck Prices (38 articles)
Canadian Military Pay August 1914
Canadian Radio Stations December 1928
Car Registered By Province August 1927
Catholic Schools In Winnipeg To Close Due To Depression December 1932
Causes Of Death In Winnipeg In 1911 January 1913
CBC Television 1954 (2 articles)
CBW Radio 1948 (2 articles)
Charles Midwinter (2 articles)
Charleswood-Fort Garry-Tuxedo History from Free Press
Chicken Delight Menu October 1964
Childrens' Hospital Opens February 1909
Cigarette Prices
City Councillors, Police, Fire, Bus Drivers And Clerks Salaries 1972-1982 January 1984
City Of Winnipeg Employees Making More Than $50,000 In 2007
Civic Employees in Metro Winnipeg Municipalities October 1971
Civic Salaries March 1918
CJOB Goes On The Air March 1946
CJOB-FM Goes On The Air First FM Station In Western Canada May 1948
CKSB Goes On The Air May 1946
CNR Salaries January 1950
Coldest Day in Winnipeg in the 20th Century February 18 1966
Concordia Hospital Opens In Elmwood April 1934

Cord Wood Prices November 1943
CPR Trackmen Salaries April 1907
Crescentwood Original Plans September 1902

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