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Other Local History: S to U
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at
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S.R. Henderson Cairn Unveiled July 1930
Safeway (3 articles)
Salvation Army Opens Church In Elmwood January 1916
Sanitarium In Elmwood (2 articles)
Scarlet Fever Epidemic In Winnipeg February 1911
Schools Open Late Due To Polio Epidemic October 1928
Second English Winnipeg Television Station On Air November 1960
Sewage System (5 articles)
Shoal Lake (2 articles)
Sisters Of The Holy Rock February 2001
Speed Limits In Greater Winnipeg May 1935
Springfield Heights School And Community Club Celebrate 25th Anniversary April 1985
St Boniface Archbishop Orders Women Not To Wear Pants March 1924
St Boniface Cathedral Destroyed In Fire July 1968

St Boniface Council Minutes 1908-1971
St Boniface Cuts Staff (2 articles)
St Boniface Hospital (2 articles)
St Boniface-Transcona History from Free Press
St Cuthbert's Church Under Construction August 1907
St James-St Vital History from Free Press
St Roch's Hospital Repens After Renovations August 1923
St Vital Ogre June 1909
St Vital Schools Very Overcrowded September 1933
Sterlization Urged For Manitoba Feeble-Minded January 1935
Stock Market Crashes October 25 1929
Streetcar And Bus Driver Salaries June 1948
Sun Valley School (2 articles)
Swift's Closes Elmwood Plant Opens St Boniface Plant May 1939

Tallest Buildings in Winnipeg December 2008
Taxation Centre Construction Begins January 1978
Taxi And Car Rental Rates (7 articles)
TD Bank Opens On McLeod Avenue April 1985
Teachers' Salaries February 1911
Teamsters, Truck Drivers, Chauffeur Salaries June 1919
Telephones (6 articles)
Television Comes To Winnipeg June 1954
Tenders Called For Five Schools Including Lord Selkirk School June 1908
The Spanish Flu in Winnipeg during October and November 1918
Traffic Accident Deaths In Winnipeg 1930-March 1935 April 1935
Traffic Counts On Winnipeg Bridges and Subways December 1960
Transcona By-Laws 1912 to 1971
Transcona Council History 1912 to 1971
Transcona Lots For Sale October 1911
Transcona Student Strike - 2 - June 1938
Transcona The Coming City Ad October 1911
Transcona's Original Lots For Sale Plan June 1909
Transit Fares (Streetcar and Bus) 1918–1957
Transit Wages November 1954

Ukrainians Urge Bilingual Schools July 1909
Unemployed Youth Centre Proposed For Anna Gibson School In Elmwood November 1937
Unicity The New Beginning from Free Press
Urgent Appeal For Nurses For Spanish Influenza Work November 1918

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