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Other Local History: M to O
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at
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Manitoba Catholic Schools Report 1873-1875
Manitoba Catholic Schools Report 1875-1876
Manitoba Catholic Schools Report 1877-1878
Manitoba Catholic Schools Report 1884
Manitoba Catholic Schools Report 1885
Manitoba Government Estimated Expenditures For 1935 and 1936 March 1935
Manitoba Government Radio Station (2 articles)
Manitoba Museum (9 articles)
Manitoba Protestant Schools Report 1871 to 1888
Manitoba Provincial Police Dissolved R.C.M.P. Take Over March 1932
Manitoba and Prohibition (5 articles)
Measles Epidemic May 1934
Metro Winnipeg Council 1960–1971
Metro Winnipeg History from Free Press
Metropolitan Winnipeg School District Under Consideration October 1935
Milk And Cream Prices (3 articles)

Mill Stones and Museums By Shirley Kowalchuk
Minimum Wage 1935 (2 articles)
Misercordia Hospital July 1910
Monorail For City Studied March 1972
Monthly Welfare Rates for Metro Winnipeg Municipalities November 1971
Motor Vehicles Registered In Canada For 1924 December 1924
Mounted Police Wages April 1875
Movie Prices At Capitol Theatre May 1922
Municipal Golf Fees April 1921
Municipality Of Assiniboia Celebrates 40th Anniversary September 1920
Municipality of Charleswood Council Minutes 1913–1971
Municipality of Old Kildonan Council History 1921–1971
Municipality of West Kildonan Council History 1914–1971

Nazis in Winnipeg (5 articles)
New Canadian Flag Unveiled March 1924
New Norwood Bridge November 1931
New Salter Street Bridge Opens October 1932
New School District Requested For Norwood February 1924
North Kildonan Council Review Year October 1937
North Kildonan And Transcona Plan Joint Industrial Area February 1955
North Kildonan Celebrates The Creation Of North Kildonan January 1925
North Kildonan and East Kildonan Separate November 1924
North Transcona Yards (12 articles)
North Winnipeg And Fort Rouge Police Stations Open May 1911
Norwood Bridge Tolls To Be Enforced April 1908
Norwood School District Vote For Separation October 1924

Old Kildonan By-Laws 1921-1971
Old Kildonan-West Kildonan History from Free Press
Old Toll-Gate House Removed From Norwood Bridge June 1921
Order To Close Schools, Churches And Theatres Due To Spanish Influenza October 1918
Osborne Stadium Capacity

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