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Other Local History: P to R
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Paper Mill To Be Built In Elmwood April 1912
Pay Scale for Metro Winnipeg Municipal Councils October 1971
Pedestrian Corridor At Valhalla Drive Equipped With Flashing Amber Lights February 1986
Pembina North Dakota Television Station On Air November 1960
Pensions WWI (3 articles)
Piggly Wiggly (2 articles)
Police Salaries in Metro Winnipeg Municipalities March 1971
Polo Park Race Track Opens June 1925
Power Transmission Right Of Way Purchased In Elmwood April 1909
Principal John Melnyk Of Princess Margaret School April 1972
Printers' Salaries 1912-1920 July 1921
Proposed Freeway And Beltway System For Winnipeg September 1963
Proposed Freeways For Winnipeg February 1969
Proposed Greater Winnipeg Traffic Routes and New Bridges October 1945
Proposed New Winnipeg Exhibition Grounds September 1912
Proposed Subway Plans September 1961
Proposed Subway System For Winnipeg April 1959
Provencher Bridge Now Raised By Electric Motor September 1910
Provincial Government Sample Salaries February 1951
Public School Textbook Prices August 1932

Radio Set Prices October 1929
Radio Station To Be Operated By Manitoba Telephone System March 1923
Railway Bridge Over Red River To Be Built April 1909
Railway Salaries August 1909
Red & White Grocery Ad August 1930
Redekopp Remembers Roadside Store  April 1986
Redwood Bridge (4 articles)
Relief Works Employ 8304 Men In Manitoba November 1931
Religious Denominations In 1921 Census April 1923
Riot Act Proclamation June 1919
Roy Davis (2 articles)
Royal Visit To Winnipeg May 1939


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