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North Kildonan History: G to Z
All history files were created by Jim Smith. For more information or comments please email him at
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Lord Kitchener School  (8 articles)

Maple Leaf School (6 articles)
Mayor John Dickson of North Kildonan Dies  December 1961
McIvor Avenue Closure (3 articles)
McIvor School (3 articles)
McIvor-Gateway Subdivision Proposal November 1984
Millennium Gardens Planned for Henderson Highway May 2000

Mill Stones and Museums By Shirley Kowalchuk

Millstones Stories
Monster Apartments for Arby Bay October 1965
Moonshine Operation at 401 Bonner Avenue July 1971

New Knowles Boys School Dedicated October 1950
New Rosewell School (2 articles)
New School Sought for North Kildonan July 1952
North Kildonan and McIvor School District Board Members and Secretary Treasurers
North Kildonan and Transcona Plan Joint Industrial Area February 1955
North Kildonan Celebrates the Creation of North Kildonan January 1925
North Kildonan Centennial Committee Plans Old Fashioned Fair
North Kildonan Centennial Parade May 1967
North Kildonan Centennial Park Plans Draw Protests
North Kildonan Community Club Opens New Facilities March 1978
North Kildonan Correspondance and Council Minutes 1925 - 1971(+8 articles)
North Kildonan Department Obtains New Fire Truck November 1957
North Kildonan Divides School District into Two
North Kildonan Group Charge Discrimination by North Kildonan School Board April 1950
North Kildonan Industrial Area Created November 1961
North Kildonan Lions Win Third Straight Football Championship November 1966
North Kildonan Mayor Jack Pearce and his Family March 1962
North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church Moves into new Building May 2001
North Kildonan Municipal By-Laws
North Kildonan Municipal Offices Open March 1957
North Kildonan Officials Mum On Union Bill With East Kildonan April 1953

North Kildonan One Room School Houses
North Kildonan Overloaded with Displaced Persons July 1952
North Kildonan Petition asks for rehiring of Police Chief who had Polio January 1955
North Kildonan Plans Dinner for Pioneers October 1967
North Kildonan Plans Tree Planting Project March 1967
North Kildonan Police Salaries November 1967
North Kildonan School Additions 1908-1965
North Kildonan School Board (5 articles)
North Kildonan to Build Pound December 1967
North Kildonan To Vote for new Public Safety Building September 1967
North Kildonan Tree Planting Costs March 1967
North Kildonan Trustee Charges July 1954
North Kildonan United Church (2 articles)
North Kildonan Ward Seeks Annexation to East Kildonan June 1952
North Kildonan Welcomes Centennial Year January 1967
North Transcona School Staff Salaries

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Oakwood Park Ad April 1907
Opening of Wading Pool to mark North Kildonan Celebrations June 1967

Pedestrian Corridor at Valhalla Drive Equipped With Flashing Light February 1986
Pioneer Bob Kirk of 1842 Henderson Highway February 1979
Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Schools (12 articles)
Proposed and Current North Kildonan Public Safety Building September 1967

Railway Bridge Over the Red River to be Built April 1909
Redekopp Remembers Roadside Store  April 1986
Reeves and Mayors of North Kildonan 1925-1971
Residents of Bonner Over the Years
Residents of McIvor Over the Years
Residents of Strood Over the Years
River East Collegiate (10 articles)
Riverside Plaza at 1660 Henderson Highway Opens January 1972
Rosewell School Staff Salaries
Ross House At 1940 Henderson Highway Built in 1922

S. R. Henderson Cairn Unveiled July 1930
Safeway Opens in River East Plaza May 1972
School Bylaw Passes for River East Collegiate and Miles MacDonell Collegiate February 1960
Shop Easy Opens in Springfield Heights Shopping Centre February 1962
Skateboard Park Opens at Valley Gardens Community Club July 2001
Sod Turning For North Kildonan War Memorial April 1968
Springfield Heights House Ad June 1959
Springfield Heights School (3 articles)
Springfield Heights Shopping Centre Under Construction November 1961
St Anne's Ukrainian Catholic Church to Build New Building June 1984
Staggered Classes until River East Collegiate is Completed August 1960
Student Population of North Kildonan Schools
Sun Valley School (3 articles)

TD Bank Opens on McLeod Avenue April 1985
Toro's Golf Centre at Highway 59 and Springfield Road

Valley Gardens 25th Anniversary November 2000
Veterans Settled in North Kildonan Under Veterans Land Act 1946–1957

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